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Holographic Stickers Custom Cut

Choose dimension, quantity and Upload your Graphics Personalized holographic stickers are easy to apply on all types of surfaces.

They are holographic stickers without the white print which will become holographic. They will be delivered individually with complete contour shape cutting, idea as gadget to promote your products

  • Laminated stickers for indoor and outdoor
  • washable and resistant to scratches, rubbing
  • UV rays, rain, snow, chlorine, sea salt water, heat
  • Free shipping, tracked delivery

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Create your Personalized Holographic Stickers uploading logo, photo or image, file, after the order you will receive a preview print by email. Once confirmed in a few days the personalized cut stickers will arrive by tracked mail.

They are Holographic stickers without the white print which will become a holographic. They will be delivered individually with complete shape cutting, perfect as an advertising gadget or to promote your products. 

Quality custom cut-on-demand Holographic stickers printed with the finest materials. Always bright colors, resistant to UV rays and weatherproof, washable and heat resistant, perfect also as a company gadget! 

Holographic custom cut or contour shape cut stickers are personalized stickers easy to be created online. They are high quality and very resistant premium pvc stickers with shaped cut on request, contour shape cut of your logo or the edges of the uploaded image.

Perfect indoor and outdoor stickers or also as car stickers, motorcycle stickers, van stickers, MTB stickers, bike stickers or company and commercial stickers.

The personalized holographic stickers are laminated and resistant to UV rays and weatherproof, always guaranteeing lively and brilliant colors that last over time. Easy to create personalized shaped stickers with a great impact and super adherent to many types of surfaces, even on crockery, glass and ceramics because they are resistant to washing, even industrial. Holographic Custom Cut Stickers are perfect as company or commercials gadgets to leave a mark with your logo, or even to fix an event or an original invitation. Personalized Holographic stickers such as Save the Date for a wedding or other special occasions.

Data sheet

Stickers skills
Pvc Stickers for outdoor and indoor
Very Resistant
Resistant to UV rays, heat, weatherproof, snow, frost, chlorine and sea salt water
Waterproof and washable
resistant in dishwashers, microwaves, sterilizers, freezers and oven
Apply On Clean And Dry Surface Wait 24 Hours Before an eventually Washing
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